Our Values


i2SL will vividly imagine and actively anticipate that which will or may come to be


i2SL will encourage and incentivize its team members to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns and relationships and to create meaningful new pathways to solve problems


i2SL will conduct business in a manner indicative of self-respect and with an appreciation of the serious nature of the matters in which we are engaged


i2SL will treat all persons with whom we are engaged, or with whom we interact with the esteem and value they deserve


i2SL will possess or obtain the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform services for our clients at the highest level of proficiency


i2SL will strive in every aspect of our business to be believable and trustworthy - and to consistently provide services and products that have those same qualities


i2SL will foster an attuned and specific sense of knowledge, cognizance and perception of the environment that may impact our clients and ourselves


i2SL will provide services and products with a view and in a manner that combines disparate parts into an efficient unified whole

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2253 Sarasota Center Boulevard
Sarasota, FL 34240
(941) 379-i2SL (4275)
(941) 378-i2SL (4275)

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i2SL Mission Statement

i2SL is committed to supporting, protecting and keeping secure our clients, their families, businesses, operations and information by providing exceptional investigative, security and logistical services. Our services are effective, efficient and discreet. Our solutions-based support and operations are customized to our clients' needs and designed to present a minimal profile while eliminating or mitigating risks and threats. We are dedicated to providing our services with complete integrity and loyalty, and in strict compliance with all applicable statutory, administrative and ethical standards.

  • Investigations

    i2SL Investigations
    FL. Lic. # A-1300038

    At i2SL our core competency is conducting investigations. We are former federal law enforcement agents with decades of complex investigative experiences throughout the world. We understand the investigative needs of our clients and their legal representatives, especially in matters involving litigation. i2SL will provide creative, results driven, investigative services that are designed to safely achieve maximum impact for our clients, while respecting well defined legal and ethical boundaries. Our team operates with confidence and efficiency, domestically or extra-territorially, in English or Spanish.

  • Security

    i2SL Security
    FL. Lic. # B-1300223

    Security is the elimination of or response to risks and threats that make a person, group or enterprise safer or more secure. The challenge is not defining security; it is achieving a rational level of security that does not unreasonably interfere with living an enjoyable and productive life or conducting business. i2SL will work with every client - individuals, businesses and their representatives - to identify, assess and reasonably address risks and threats about which they are concerned. Large or small, general or specific, your concerns will be treated seriously and i2SL will make every effort to lawfully resolve those concerns.

  • Logistics

    i2SL Logistics

    Well planned and executed logistics are essential to the viability and profitability of any business. They are instrumental to living a more secure life. Having immediate or proximate access to critical persons, resources and information always increases effectiveness and efficiency. Reliable i2SL professionals will transport anything highly valued by our clients in a lawful, secure and timely manner. What is entrusted to us will be delivered by us, undisturbed and without incident. Do you have other logistical requirements? i2SL will provide customized logistical solutions for you or your business.

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