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i2SL Security

i2SL security professionals have the skills, experiences and resources to help our clients
eliminate or mitigate risks and threats they encounter as they live their lives and engage in their businesses.
Risks and threats present themselves in all forms - from natural disasters, to crime,
business or personal conflicts, and litigation.
They vary in degree, and occur in a seemingly random fashion. However, perception is not always reality.
Many risks and threats are predictable and avoidable. At the least, some may be managed down to an acceptable level
before causing serious disruption or harm.

i2SL's mission is to help our clients identify and address their risks and threats
before they require complicated and expensive professional intervention.

Our security services will be customized to your requirements and they are scalable - from simple assessments to armed personal protection.
We purposefully design our security services to be minimally intrusive in your lives and on your businesses, while still achieving your security objectives. If risks manifest into tangible threats and more robust security is required, we will propose a limited escalation of security services proportionate to the threat. If the threat is critical or trending that way, we are poised to provide immediate, comprehensive and aggressive security services.
We will pulse necessary personnel from a well defined and highly skilled network of former law enforcement and related professionals
to address your needs quickly, safely and legally.

i2SL will always evaluate your security objectives and offer the effective integration of technology to meet your objectives.
Our team utilized technology in almost every investigation we conducted in our former law enforcement careers.
Properly deployed, technology significantly lowers the cost of security and deters threats.
And, most importantly, it often produces compelling, convincing evidence for you to act upon.

Effective deployment of technology such as digital video and audio surveillance, geographic tracking of persons or property, social media analysis, and countermeasures against illegal interception of communications is not only possible,
it is often the most practical and affordable solution to difficult security problems.

Security Services
i2SL Offers a Full Spectrum of Security Services for Our Clients

Our mission is to protect you, your family, your business and anything else that is important to you.
i2SL will work with you to define your most serious risks and threats and carefully estimate the probability of their manifestation.
We will provide options for rational and affordable security solutions from which you can choose.
We understand that our clients will have individual thresholds for risks and threats.
So, we will work with each client to determine the level of security required to make that client feel safe and secure.

When you need i2SL, we will be immediately available to provide any of the following security services
or to customize a complete security plan tailored to your requirements.

  • Security Assessments & Mitigation Planning
  • Personal Security Details & Bodyguard Services
  • Armed & Unarmed Guards
  • Valuable Persons, Property & Information Transport
  • Physical Surveillance
  • Digital Video & Audio Surveillance
  • GPS Tracking of Persons, Conveyances & Property
  • Emergency Alerts, Notifications & Communications
  • Multi-Spectral Sensing & Imaging
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
  • Risks & Threats
    Security is an equation with a variety of functions that attempts to quantify dynamic risks and threats,
    so that mitigation or management efforts and resources can be properly allocated against the right risks and threats.

    Any discussion of security or security services begins with the concepts of risk and threat.
    These terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a real distinction.
    Risk is a determination of the likelihood of an injury or loss occurring and the potential severity of that injury or loss.  
    Threat is defined by the imminence of injury or loss.

    Consider the following personal and business risks, and those unique to your environment.
    Begin thinking about which are likely to evolve into real world threats to you, your family or your business.

    Please do not begin your mitigation planning after a risk or threat has turned into an emergency.
    At that point, you are as dependent on luck as you are on skill.
  • Litigation
  • Director, Officer or Employee Misconduct
  • Theft of Services, Products & Property, Including IP
  • Unauthorized Access, Compromise & Destruction of Information
  • Management Systems
  • Unauthorized Monitoring of Corporate Communications
  • Business Disputes, Unfair Competition & Retaliation
  • Labor Disputes
  • Workplace Violence
  • Violent Criminal Acts - Targeted, Opportune or Random
  • Accidents
  • Natural Disasters
  • Political, Social & Financial Instability or Disorder
  • Personal
  • Accidents
  • Injuries & Disease
  • Natural Disasters
  • Relationship Stress, Disruption & Dissolution
  • Domestic Violence
  • Harassment, Threats & Stalking
  • Fraud & Identity Theft
  • Criminal Trespass & Property Theft
  • Unauthorized Access, Compromise & Destruction of Information
  • Management Systems - Your Computer
  • Unauthorized Monitoring of Communications
  • Violent Criminal Acts - Targeted, Opportune or Random
  • Political, Social & Financial Instability or Disorder
  • Security Assessments & Mitigation Planning
    Preparing yourself, your family or your business to face risks and threats is a straightforward process.
    First, you assess and then you plan.

    A security assessment is simply the process of gathering your risk and threat data,
    defining the probabilities and vulnerabilities associated with those risks and threats, and evaluating your ability to survive
    and recover from a real world manifestation of a threat into a problem or crisis.

    A mitigation plan is your response to the security assessment. It begins with a thoughtful evaluation of your assessed vulnerabilities.
    It continues with a review of your current security and controls to determine their adequacy in relation to those vulnerabilities.
    It then evolves into a specific plan to eliminate or reduce your vulnerabilities to risks and threats to an acceptable level - within your budgeted resources.

    Achieving the proper level of security often is more art than science. It is dependent on your individual risks
    and the severity of the potential impact on you or your business if those risks become problems or crises. It is highly dependent on your risk threshold.
    So, a true quantitative analysis is not really possible, as qualitative judgments are always injected into the analysis.
    However, an organized and consistent analytical approach, and an objective collection of data
    facilitates effective, rational decision making and mitigation planning.

    i2SL is anxious to assist you with thoughtful, common sense security assessments.  
    We will help you develop mitigation plans - customized to your unique security requirements - that protect you, your families and your businesses, but do not unreasonably interfere with you living an enjoyable and productive life or conducting your business.

    i2SL Security Assessments & Mitigation Plans Available

  • Physical Site Security
  • Personnel Security
  • Information Security
  • Operations Security
  • Continuity of Operations Planning
  • Emergency & Disaster Planning

  • i2SL team members have been conducting security assessments and designing mitigation plans for decades
    - always with an emphasis on safety, but tempered by the realization that unreasonable or excessive security
    can undermine and stifle operations.

    Security Fatigue


    Too often security processes overreach and security products are so complicated that they stifle operations or are just ignored.
    Consultants may have you form committees comprised of critical personnel and schedule a litany of meetings to discuss every imaginable or imagined
    risk and threat. They market modeling software that over analyzes every risk and threat, in every permutation, and produces volumes
    of suggested courses of action. The end result is often an incomprehensible security plan and an unrealistic schedule of disruptive testing and exercises.

    When security processes and plans become onerous and cumbersome they fail.
    Senior executive personnel delegate the responsibility for the program and cut resources.
    Security plans are put on a shelf and only occasionally reviewed
    by risk management personnel or insurance professionals.
    This outcome is unacceptable and it is unnecessary.

    Disciplined security assessments and mitigation planning can be prepared on a schedule and within a budget
    - all agreed upon before beginning the process. The most effective assessments and mitigation plans require initial attention
    and judgment from key personnel and then a concentrated effort from a security coordinator or consultant. Someone has to be accountable.
    Plans should evolve with periodic input and direction from key personnel, and should address the most likely and potentially impactful risks and threats
    first. Rollout should be executed carefully, incrementally if necessary, to avoid disruption. If done right, security assessments and mitigation
    planning become a business resource. And, they become less intrusive and consuming as they become established business practices.

    i2SL believes good security should be approached as a process rather than a fixed objective
    - a process that is flexible, adaptive and tailored to your specific requirements.

    Contact i2SL today to discuss any matter, issue or problem with which you may need assistance.
    Our initial consultations are always without charge, condition or expectation.