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i2SL What We Do

i2SL team members and our professional colleagues all bring unique skill sets and incredibly varied investigative experiences. We lived with and provided security services - everyday - for the past twenty-five years. None of us have the entire package,
but together we are strong and very capable.

We spent our entire law enforcement careers designing solutions to seemingly intractable problems faced by victims and our country.
When called upon, we identified the people and resources we needed to get a job done, formed teams and plans, and went to work.
The harder the problem, the more we liked it. We adapted and adjusted, all the time. There is no set playbook for investigations - there are good investigators who cut different paths to success without compromising their integrity by ignoring legal, administrative or ethical requirements.

At i2SL, we are building a business, incorporating the lessons learned over our careers, to support you and your businesses.
It all comes down to maintaining or re-establishing a safe and secure environment in which you can enjoy life and conduct profitable business.
That is our mission.

With regard to specific services that i2SL offers, they are consistent with the skills we developed and utilized throughout our lives and in our former federal law enforcement careers. We also have a deep bench of talented former colleagues and associates who are now working in the private sector.
If you have unique needs, we will identify unique people or resources to address those needs.

i2SL services are summarized on the Investigations, Security, Logistics and Special Projects pages on this website. However, what distinguishes i2SL favorably in our industry is our ability to design customized investigative and security solutions to address your specific requirements.

What We Will Not Do

Private Investigations & Security Services are Sensitive and Often Prone to Abuse or Incompetence

i2SL principals spent the past twenty-five years working very complex and sometimes dangerous investigations, here in the United States and across the world, under a very strict set of rules - statutory, administrative and judicial. We finished our careers without a single official reprimand, censure, suspension or worse. This was not accidental. It was a result of understanding the regulatory framework and working within its confines. Did we challenge rules and advocate for changes and adaptations when we thought the rules were badly designed, outdated or inconsistent with the intent of the laws we were enforcing? Of course we did - vocally, transparently and sometimes effectively. But, in the end, we lived and worked by the rules. This is important to our clients because you need to understand that you are hiring serious investigators and security professionals who will not undo a lifetime of good works to achieve a short-term objective. And, we will not jeopardize you or your business by conducting ourselves in a manner inconsistent with our legal, administrative and ethical obligations.

i2SL will conduct our business consistent with standards that may be stricter than required by statutory or regulatory authorities.
Most importantly, we will not allow ourselves or our company to be engaged by anyone or any business that presents a real or perceived conflict of interest with another client. Our commitment, judgment and effort will be reserved for a single client in any matter.

i2SL will also avoid the appearance of impropriety in the conduct of our business. We intend to conduct ourselves and our business honorably.
We will discuss our decisions and actions in any matter with any serious party with a real interest in the decision or action. However, after long careers in volatile and sometimes contentious environments, i2SL intends to be guided by our firmly held principles and judgment
and to protect our interests vigorously.

i2SL Will Operate in a Manner that Makes Our Clients Confident and Comfortable
with Their Decision to Engage Us

Contact i2SL today to discuss any matter, issue or problem with which you may need assistance.
Our initial consultations are always without charge, condition or expectation.