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i2SL Investigations

The quality and credibility of any investigation are dependent upon several factors
but, by far, the most important is the quality and character
of the primary investigator.

At i2SL our core competency is conducting investigations. Extensive training by the FBI, US Customs Service and other US law enforcement and intelligence agencies, combined with twenty-five years of varied investigative experiences throughout the world, has prepared i2SL principals to serve our clients honorably and effectively. Our team members have personally conducted and directed hundreds of investigations - from security background investigations to complex, multi-party, multi-jurisdiction criminal enterprise investigations.

We are highly skilled, creative, reliable and discreet. i2SL investigators carefully plan and execute investigations to safely achieve maximum impact while respecting well defined legal and ethical boundaries. We identify our clients' objectives, assess our ability to achieve positive results, create an investigative plan appropriately scaled and resourced and, when authorized by our clients, execute the plan while remaining flexible and adaptable. Rarely do investigations proceed as scripted; they evolve, often in unforeseen ways. i2SL investigators remain vigilant as they proceed, react cautiously to unforeseen developments or events, assess investigative results, and constantly reassess investigative objectives, direction and methods.

i2SL is firmly committed to regular and detailed communications regarding all investigations.
We are determined to remain synchronized with our clients and their representatives.

Investigative Techniques & Capabilities
  • Interviews & Sworn Statements
  • Witness Identification & Location
  • Social Media, Open Source &
  • Proprietary Database Exploitation
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Geo-Spatial Referencing of
  • Evidence & Intelligence
  • Physical & Electronic Surveillance
  • Geographic Tracking of Persons,
  • Products, Equipment & Property
  • Remote Sensing & Imaging
  • Human Source Identification,
  • Recruitment & Collections
  • Undercover Operations
  • Forensic Evidence Collection & Analysis
  • Financial Records Collection & Analysis
  • Communications Records Collection
  • & Analysis
  • Other Documentary Evidence
  • Collection & Analysis
  • Fully Integrated Time Line Analysis
  • Background Investigations & Character Assessments
    i2SL personal background investigations and character assessments are accessible, affordable and often invaluable.

    Our clients need to know the character of those individuals with whom they or their families are interacting or with whom they are conducting business.
    Why? Because, timely acquired knowledge is critical to good decision making and effective risk and threat management.
    In our former law enforcement careers we had a simple but effective rule… “Know before you go”.
    i2SL background investigations will provide you with an edge - information and analysis -that you can use
    to protect yourself, your families, businesses, operations and information.

    i2SL will tailor all background investigations to our clients’ needs, from cursory to comprehensive.
    We will produce positive results on a schedule required by our clients.

    Each i2SL background investigation is unique. Information available varies case to case, and is subject to limitation by state and federal laws.

    i2SL background investigations customarily consist of a combination of the following information.
    • Name & Personal Identifiers
    • Citizenship
    • Residential History
    • Marital Status
    • Family, Friends & Associates
    • Adversaries - Real or Potential
    • Educational Background
    • Specialized Training & Qualifications
    • Employment History & Business Associations
    • Financial Stability & Credibility
    • Assets - Real & Personal
    • Criminal History
    • Criminal Activity
    • Civil Litigation History
    • Professional or Regulatory Discipline
    • Social Media Profile & Online Activity
    • Telephone History & Associations
    • Vehicle Ownership & Driving History
    • Political Affiliations & History
    • Religious Affiliation
    • Community Activity & Organizations
    • Avocations & Other Interests
    • General State of Health & Wellness
    • Pattern of Life
    • Extreme Views & Bias
    • Drug & Alcohol Abuse
    • False Claims of Achievement, Association or Capability
    • Threat Profile

    Litigation Support & Investigations
    i2SL principal, Rodrick D. Huff, is a licensed attorney in the State of Georgia.
    From 1985 to 1989, prior to joining the FBI, he interned and then practiced law as a litigation associate with the firm Kilpatrick & Cody,
    now Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Rod Huff's legal education and litigation experience,
    combined with nearly 25 years of investigative experience with the FBI,
    provide i2SL clients with a uniquely qualified investigator absolutely committed to supporting their causes.
    He will personally conduct or direct all investigations of matters that may result in litigation or already are in litigation.
    He will also carefully train and guide his i2SL colleagues as they provide investigative support
    in matters involving civil and criminal litigation.

    All i2SL litigation support will be meticulously coordinated with our clients and their legal representatives.
    Clearly defined objectives and investigative methods will be discussed and cleared in advance of action
    to protect the interests and litigation positions of all i2SL clients.
    i2SL will never jeopardize our clients or their cases by utilizing questionable, immoral or unlawful investigative techniques.
    Litigation Support Available

    • Fraud, Embezzlement & Theft
    • Misconduct by Directors, Officers & Employees
    • Labor & Employment Disputes
    • Intellectual Property Theft, Including Copyright, Patent & Trademark Infringement
    • Unauthorized Access, Compromise & Destruction of Information Management Systems
    • Unauthorized Interception of Communications
    • Contract Violations & Performance Issues
    • Tortious Interference with Business
    • Regulatory Disputes
    • Personal Injury & Product Liability
    • Libel & Slander
    Special Litigation Support

    Upon request, i2SL will consider providing litigation support in most matters. Our team is sensitive to the unique character of
    litigation and will look for opportunities to assist those whose lives, rights or property have been wrongfully impacted by the
    negligent, purposeful or criminal actions of others.

    We will, under certain circumstances, provide support in sensitive
    domestic or family litigation.

    We will also consider providing assistance in criminal defense litigation, primarily in cases involving defendants who are attempting to mitigate their sentences by cooperating with law enforcement
    and prosecution authorities.
    We have extensive experience in this regard.

    Contact i2SL today to discuss any matter, issue or problem with which you may need assistance.
    Our initial consultations are always without charge, condition or expectation.

    Business Support & Investigations
    i2SL provides business clients with customized investigative services
    designed to accomplish their specific business objectives.
    We understand that our clients are results driven. We are too.
    We understand and respect business deadlines.
    And, we want to build lasting business relationships by providing exceptional services and products.

    Once i2SL establishes your objectives, our experienced and highly qualified investigators will create an investigative plan, propose a course of action and immediately execute when authorized by you. We will be as thorough as you require, while always being mindful of your resources.
    We will provide you with timely investigative results and products that are comprehensive, detailed and useful.

    What i2SL will never do is jeopardize your business or enterprise
    by utilizing questionable, immoral or unlawful investigative techniques.

    i2SL Business Support and Investigations Include the Following

    Human Resources

  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Verification of Qualifications
  • & Employment History
  • Criminal History
  • Civil Litigation History
  • Social Media Profile & Online History
  • Foreign Personnel Screening
  • & History
  • Termination or Sensitive
  • Separation Planning & Support
  • Workplace Violence - Avoidance,
  • Mitigation & Investigation

    Misconduct & Crimes

  • Director, Officer & Employee
  • Misconduct
  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Trespass
  • Robbery
  • Murder, Kidnapping & Extortion
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Interception of Communications
  • Unauthorized Access, Compromise
    & Destruction of Computer Systems
  • Due Diligence

  • Corporate Structure, Directors,
  • Officers & Key Personnel
  • Financial Stability & Credibility
  • Services & Products Information
  • Manufacturing, Distribution
  • & Retail Site Identification
  • Supplier, Customer
  • & Support Identification
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Civil Litigation History
  • Criminal History
  • Special Risk Factors