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Licensed & Insured

Private Investigation Agency
FL. Lic. # A-1300038
Security Agency
FL. Lic. # B-1300223

DUNS # 07888741
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i2SL Logistics

Well planned and executed logistics are essential to the viability and profitability of any business or enterprise.
They are instrumental to living a more secure life. Having immediate or proximate access to critical persons, information,
assets or tools can make or break an operation, business or enterprise. Reliable i2SL team members,
all former federal, state and local law enforcement agents and related professionals,
will transport or transmit anything highly valued by our clients - from family members, to personal property,
business assets or sensitive data - in a lawful, safe, secure and timely manner.

Throughout our former law enforcement careers, i2SL team members overtly and covertly transported critical personnel, equipment and currency throughout the United States and the rest of the Western Hemisphere without incident. We established and maintained infrastructure - physical sites and personnel - to support regularly required logistical operations. Very importantly, we securely transmitted sensitive information collected throughout Central and South America to the United States without detection or incident. We operated effectively in areas relatively denied to United States personnel. i2SL now assists our clients in the planning, development and execution of their special logistical requirements.
Whether conducting a one-time transport operation or establishing logistical support infrastructure for ongoing operations,
i2SL will get you what you need, where and when you need it.

i2SL team members are always available to discuss any other logistical support required by our clients - to include information systems support, health and welfare checks on loved ones with special needs and home monitoring when you are away from your Sarasota home.
If you need logistical support of any kind, i2SL is standing by to provide you with an affordable solution.

Whatever is entrusted to i2SL will always be handled with respect and discretion by i2SL.

Secure Property Transport & Data Transmission Support
i2SL enthusiastically provides secure transport operations for our clients.
For decades, in our law enforcement careers, we were entrusted with incredibly valuable persons, property and information - and we never once failed to deliver any of those consignments as directed.

Our mission at i2SL is to make our clients and their businesses safe and secure.
We are also completely committed to making our clients more efficient in their lives and in their business operations.
Whatever your specific requirement, i2SL team members will provide affordable, secure and discreet support.

For each logistics support operation, i2SL researches the available means for secure transportation of your valuable property or transmission of your most sensitive data and prepares a cost analysis for various options. We cautiously assess the potential risks and threats to the consignment,
always factoring in the value of the item to be transported or transmitted. You determine your acceptable risk threshold and we plan accordingly.
Thereafter, i2SL will execute the secure transport or transmission in accordance with your instructions.

Your consignment will be handled by very serious i2SL team members whose only interest in your consignment
is delivering it as directed, on time, and in the same condition it was received by i2SL.
Who needs i2SL logistical support services?
We earnestly believe the answer to that is -
many of you, for many reasons
that you may not have considered.

We humbly suggest that many of you are taking significant, personal risks by transporting or transmitting valuable persons or property in potentially hostile environments.
Even worse - if you are transporting something that is so valuable that you or your business may not fully recover from its loss, and you do not have appropriate professional support, you are in a very vulnerable position. Significant threats, even remote ones, should never be ignored or wished away. Manage and mitigate those threats with i2SL support.

Legal representatives and others with fiduciary duties to third parties should always consider secure i2SL transport or transmission services to protect the interests of their clients, principals or beneficiaries. When you are held to the highest standard of care for the property or interests of another, you must carefully balance foreseeable risks and threats against the reasonable costs of professional support from a trusted and qualified party. i2SL will help to streamline your analysis by providing affordable, but secure options, that will satisfy your fiduciary obligations.

i2SL logistical support will protect your clients and
it will protect you and your firm or institution.
What does i2SL transport or transmit?
We will deliver anything legal that you need securely delivered by men and women with impeccable character and backgrounds.

If needed, i2SL will securely transport you, your family, friends,
associates, representatives and clients.
We will get you where you need to be safely.

i2SL is prepared to securely transport your most valuable property.

  • Currency
  • Financial Instruments
  • Documents
  • Data & Information in Any Form
  • Jewelry
  • Art
  • Antiques
  • Automobiles
  • Boats
  • Aircraft
  • Equipment & Tools
  • Firearms
  • Pets & Valuable Animals
Anything else you need securely delivered?
i2SL will provide you with an affordable solution.

Licensed & Insured
Professional Licenses Matter

As with most industries, private investigation and security companies are subject to a wide array of federal and state regulations. In Florida, Chapter 493 of the Florida Statutes, provides the regulatory framework for both industries and for personnel working in those industries. The remaining states throughout our country have various regulatory approaches - from no regulation at all to extraordinarily rigorous and complex. Navigating a patchwork of regulations here in Florida and throughout the country is not what any client wants to do, or should be required to do. What you should know, and should never hesitate to inquire about, is the commitment of the investigation and security professionals to strictly comply with regulatory requirements in their industries. Your legal representatives and risk management personnel understand that scrupulous compliance with legal and regulatory requirements will limit potential liability. It will also provide insight into the character of the investigators and security professionals with whom you are engaged.

An Example

Under Florida law, a licensed private investigator may provide bodyguard services. However, a private investigator may not provide stationary or mobile security for valuable property. In that instance, he or she must also be licensed to perform security services. If a private investigator provides security services without additional licensing, then he or she is acting outside statutory authority - which may have a significant impact on potential insurance coverage in the event of a loss and claim. See, Florida Statutes, Chapter 493, Section 6301(5)

Armed Services

With good reason, private investigators and security professionals offering armed services are highly regulated. If they do not strictly comply with legal requirements, they expose themselves and possibly any person or business that hires them to significant financial risk and potential liability. Close scrutiny of the background and capability of your armed private investigators and security professionals is essential to proper risk management.
See, Florida Statutes, Chapter 493, Section 6115.


Private investigation and security services companies with which you are doing business should carry insurance proportionate to the level of service they are providing to their clients and the risk that is being assumed. You should never hesitate to inquire about insurance coverage and limits of liability, as that is essential information for effective decision making and proper risk management.

i2SL and our team members are all fully licensed to perform private investigations and security services,
either armed or unarmed, and we are appropriately insured.

All i2SL licenses - for the company and our team members - are readily available for your review either at our office or online
at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing, at the link below.

International & Domestic Travel Support
i2SL provides insightful - potentially critical - travel support for travelers any where in the world.
In Central and South America, i2SL has very special capabilities and resources that we can leverage for you
to keep you safe while you conduct your business or enjoy your vacation.

Private travel planning rarely includes special logistical and security contingency plans. You may think,
I have been traveling a lifetime without significant incident, so why would I need any special services. First, that is a good thing and i2SL wishes you continued good luck and happiness. However, everyday and everywhere in the world, travelers suffer everything from mild inconveniences
to the most serious life events imaginable.

In our travels over the past twenty-five years throughout the world, i2SL team members have witnessed or experienced every sort of disruption.
Lost or stolen passports, luggage, computers and telephones, extortionate demands from local businesses or law enforcement, political disorder and labor stoppages, violent criminal acts and critical health issues can derail your business trip or vacation in an instant. When unexpected events or criminal acts occur, you should have a plan and resources immediately available to stabilize and secure the situation. That is not the time to begin looking for critical support from foreign mission personnel, legitimate law enforcement, competent legal service or acceptable health care.

i2SL provides travelers with a pre-travel brief on fundamental security requirements and locale specific guidance that addresses risks or threats you may encounter. If you require even more robust support, i2SL provides a variety of options to include real-time geographic tracking of you or your family, alerts to developing risks or threats, and emergency facilitation of communications with United States Government personnel, legitimate foreign officials, competent legal counsel and health care professionals. Because each traveler and destination requires different levels of attention and support,
i2SL requests as much lead time as possible to prepare your secure travel plan - especially if your destination
is extraordinarily remote or potentially dangerous.

Business travel should be productive and safe. It should be personally fulfilling when you are vacationing.
i2SL provides you with the support you need to feel prepared to protect yourself and your family against the most likely or significant risks you may encounter while traveling. In extreme circumstances, you have a resource in i2SL that will help you navigate and manage emergencies.

Health & Welfare Checks on Loved Ones
Do you have loved ones in Sarasota who need some special attention?

i2SL team members have lived and worked in the Sarasota-Bradenton area for the past twenty-five years. Most of us have experienced the difficulties and uncertainties of not knowing if our parents and other loved ones living away from us are safe and secure. We wonder whether they are receiving appropriate services from home health care professionals or other domestic support.

Trusted and reliable i2SL team members will work with any family to provide support and peace of mind by visiting and monitoring the well-being
of your loved ones. We will provide regular reports to our clients, and we will be direct and honest about the condition or needs of their loved ones.
If they are being exploited or victimized in any way, we will inform you immediately.
Our welfare checks on your loved ones with special needs will be handled only by mature team members
who have spent a career in law enforcement or the military.

We will treat everyone with dignity, respect and great care. Contact i2SL today to customize a service that suits your needs and those of your family and friends.

Home Monitoring

Do you travel extensively or spend extended periods of time away from your Sarasota home?

Whether your business takes you away from your Sarasota-Bradenton home for extended periods of time, you are traveling on a lengthy vacation,
or you are headed to your summer home, i2SL provides homeowners with trusted and reliable reporting on the condition and safety of their homes. Technology and security systems are only part of the solution for securing your home while you are away.
Cameras and other commonly deployed security sensors see and report conditions specifically, rather than holistically.
Too often, they alert a homeowner only after something awful has occurred.

i2SL team members, who have owned homes in this area for decades and who are keenly aware of potential issues common to this area,
will thoroughly monitor your homes while you are away and provide real time reporting on their conditions. Our goal is to provide our clients with an enhanced sense of security about the good condition of their Sarasota homes while they are away, and to avoid preventable and costly maintenance issues, accidents or criminal acts. i2SL home monitoring and reporting can be as modest or robust as is required by the homeowner.
We will customize our services and reporting to suit your needs. If you want to see what we are seeing, real time, at your home,
we will arrange for video and audio streaming to you anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet.

If you entrust your home to i2SL, you can be assured that we will treat it
with the same respect and care as we would our own.

Computer & Information Management Support
i2SL Provides Advice & Technical Support for Our Clients in Sensitive or Difficult Circumstances

Over the course of our careers, i2SL principals and our colleagues have dealt with technology and technology issues in every significant investigation.
As a result, we acquired certain expertise and experience in the development and maintenance of secure enterprise networks, and the secure transmission and retrieval of sensitive data.
We were very fortunate to have worked with extraordinarily talented cyber investigators who are now in private industry.
And, i2SL has special access to a network of experts in geographical information systems and geo-spatial intelligence.
If you need help with your systems, i2SL will provide you with advice and assistance - especially with sensitive data and systems that you may not want to expose to unknown or un-vetted technicians.

If you need special computer or technology support, contact i2SL personally to discuss your issues or requirements. We will propose a course of action and support your requirements ourselves
or identify experts that you can trust.