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i2SL Special Projects

i2SL principals, in their federal law enforcement careers, conceived, designed and executed highly specialized projects and operations for the United States Government - domestically and internationally. Those projects and operations varied in character from unclassified to highly classified and compartmentalized. They incorporated all elements of undercover or covert law enforcement operations and were driven variously by the many different forms of intelligence collected by the United States and its allies. Many were extraordinarily effective and produced historical results.

Our achievements and related official commendations from the highest levels of the United States Government
are well documented and available for review if required and appropriate.

The experiences gained and lessons learned over careers primarily dedicated to designing and executing special projects and operations
for the United States Government are still resident at i2SL.  Our principals are available to advise, assist or train as required by our clients.  

We provide our special services with great discretion and in rigid conformity to our continuing legal and security obligations.

Of note, i2SL principals have held security clearances appropriate for the work we did for the past twenty-five years.
We were read out upon retirement, but are confident of ongoing eligibility for updated clearances if they were required by a contract.

Areas of Expertise & Experience
i2SL Principals and Their Colleagues Have Extensive Experience in Successfully Executing
Complex Investigations & Sensitive Operations Domestically and Internationally

We developed our expertise over decades of conducting very sensitive law enforcement investigations and operations targeting transnational organized crime enterprises operating throughout the United States,
Latin America and the rest of the world. We were extraordinarily successful - because we developed and led teams that were talented, cohesive and mission driven. Most importantly, we remained actively engaged in investigations and operations for the entirety of our careers - keeping our skills strong and relevant to ongoing efforts to combat transnational organized crime.

Drug Investigations & Operations - Domestic & International
Maritime and Air Smuggling Investigations & Operations
Semi-Submersible and Fully Submersible Smuggling Vessels Subject Matter Experts

Federal Criminal Investigations, Operations & Prosecutions
Enterprise Theory of Investigation & Prosecution
Organized Crime Investigations & Operations
Undercover & Covert Investigations & Operations
Law Enforcement Team Building in an Austere Resource Environment

Integration of Operations & Intelligence
Managing Effective Intelligence Collections & Producing Useful Analytical Products that Drive Operational Success
Human Intelligence Operations - Design, Recruitment, Collection, Analysis & Management - Domestic & International

Counter-Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC) Investigations & Operations
Coordinated & Efficient Federal Prosecutions as a Critical Element of any CTOC Strategy
Blue Force Integration & Organization in CTOC Efforts - Coordination of Multi-Department & Multi-Agency Efforts
Effective Law Enforcement Integration with the US Department of Defense
Strategic Communications with Policy Makers - A Requirement for Successful CTOC Projects & Initiatives
Converging Threat Streams and Increased Risks - Domestic & International
Subject/Target Development & Criminal Enterprise Surveys

International Operations & Investigations
Host/Partner Nation Coordination & Intelligence Sharing
Hostile/Denied Areas - Access & Operations
Working with Classified Information & Equipment in International Operations - Avoidance & Engagement
Compartmentalization & Need to Know - A Lingering Anachronism or A Viable Theory
Personnel Recovery

Remote Surveillance - Management, Collection & Analysis
Remote Multispectral Sensing, Imaging, Collection, Transmission & Management
Geographic Tracking Technologies & Deployment Strategy & Tactics
Safe-Houses & Lookouts

i2SL principals are always available to discuss your requirements.
We will be direct and prompt in the assessment of our ability to add value to your project or operation.
We will not waste your time.
And, we will scrupulously honor our continuing legal and ethical obligations.

It's All About The Money

Contact i2SL anytime to discuss your interest in or requirements for our special projects.

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